See Througt The World of Color (The meaning of 11 Colors Basic)

Color is a sensation felt by the human brain when there is light that hits the eye, because color is a certain spectrum contained in a perfect light (white) where the identity of a color is determined by the wavelength of the light.

Of the many colors that can be caught by our eyes, there are three primary or primary colors, including Red, Yellow and Blue. Which, when these three colors are combined, will bring out or produce a variety of colors that we can see today.
The white color is a condition where the primary color is thinning to the maximum. Similarly black, which is a condition in which the primary color or mixture becomes very intense, so we often hear Black Brown or Black Blue or something else. As simple as the brighter the color, the more the color turns white, and the darker the color, the more the color becomes black, so that in the color, black and white settings it is considered to be the brightness variable of the color.

And in each color, there are different impressions and identities according to observing social conditions. Strength in color is very emotional and tends to be practical. What is meant by very emotional is that this color is very much influenced by how someone feels when they see it, while colors tend to be practical, these colors can help highlight themselves amidst the crowd.

We will describe the values ​​of several colors, as follows:

01. Red is used to indicate Danger, Passion, Joy, & Energy
Meaning: Red has a different context and is in use, where it can convey the visible message. Red has the ability to show high desire; and it is not surprising when red is the color of fire, danger and blood on one side; and love, sexuality, passion on the other side. Therefore, Red is energetic and describes life in enthusiasm, confidence and strength (suitable for striking designs that seem different and bold).

 02. Orange is used to show the atmosphere of Fresh, Young, Creative & Adventurous Souls
Meaning: By mixing red fighting spirit and optimistic yellow, orange shows an activity and continuous emission of energy. And if you speak orange, of course we always remember that this color is the color of oranges, and all products have vitamin C, which immediately makes the orange color emit energy and body health. Therefore, Orange is very suitable to describe a collection of young people who are creative and adventurous (so that they can be used in fancy, traditional or serious designs).

03. Yellow is often used for feeling optimistic, cheerful, fun and happy
Meaning: Yellow which is always the hallmark of the sun which always brings a smile to every creature that receives its radiant warmth. A loving color that gives cheerfulness, friendliness, pleasure and energy to anyone who sees it. The yellow color also gives the impression of mental clarity and intelligence. Even so, yellow is also often used as a sign and warning, as if to say "follow this warning sign then you are happy".
On the other hand, this color often blends with black in design to make it look not tacky (weird) or to look more elegant.

04. Green is the embodiment of pure Natural energy, Life Power, Dignity and Wealth
Meaning: Green has two general meanings; first as nature and environment, and the second as finance and wealth. When connected with nature, green represents all living plants and anything that grows sustainably, or also describes something organic, and renewable energy. And for the second issue we often hear the words "if you have seen the money, the eyes turn green" right? because, of course, green is related to 'the color of money' and this is the reason why green is associated with wealth and stability (bright green nuances represent growth, vitality and renewal; while a darker green color represents dignity, wealth and abundance).

05. Blue is a representation of communication skills that tend to be more Communicative, Trustworthy, Calming & Depression.
Meaning: Blue is the color most people choose, probably because of its versatile quality. Blue is the favorite color for anyone who wants to show reliability, reliability and communication as well as to express the authority of the official organization. Blue is also appreciated for calm and quality of harmony, as is the calm obtained in the sea and sky. Even so, sometimes it also expresses emotional feelings (sadness or depression).

06. Purple becomes a color with a feeling of luxury, Kingdom, Greatness, Spirituality & Mystery
Meaning: Purple is a color with an amazing and high passion (kingdom, majesty or nobility) along with spiritual and mysterious qualities. Darker purple shades often represent luxury or wealth, while the nuances of lavender (young) represent a feminine, sentimental and nostalgic feeling.

07. Chocolate tends to be calm (calm) but sturdy, very appropriate when describing Land, Root (Stem), Comprehensive, Simple & Honest.
Meaning: Chocolate can provide a sense of maturity in terms of protection, body protection such as food, beauty and products related to nature. Nature contained in the brown color channel the feeling of totality, order, and remain grounded. Looks simple, strong and durable.

08. Pink is a thinning red, thin and soft strength. Not surprisingly, Feminine, Sentimental, Romantic & Fun is depicted in this color.
Meaning: Pink is closely related to women and often seen as feminine, little girl, and sweet. While dusty pink feels more sentimental and bright red easily feels more romantic. On the other hand, hot pink feels younger, more energetic and fun.

09. Black is always the color that is used as a mainstay, because of the value contained in it. Sophisticated, Formal, Luxury & Sad contained in Black.
Meaning: This color is often a mainstay in combining colors, because it gives the impression of stability (serious). So that it can be said this color represents strength, luxury, sophistication and exclusivity on the one hand; and death, the devil (darkness / heresy), and mystery on the other side. From a formal point of view, it is a desire for power, black is assertive, seems classic, and is not to be mocked or belittled.
Usually in combining to make it contrast, a bright color with black is chosen; or with gold foil for a touch of luxury; or it can be combined with white for a firm and simple statement.

10. White without stains is Purity, Simple, No Guilt & Minimalism.
Meaning: White describes simplicity, purity, innocence and perfection of things. White also comes with absolute or sterile properties, which are often used to convey minimalist and clean aesthetics in modern quality wrapping.

11. Multi colors - Variations
Meaning: By mixing a number of different colors, broadly indicating variations are representative of people, countries or offers.

Thus, 11 color descriptions on our occasion this time, hopefully someday we can share knowledge again.

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Unusual Living Room Design and Decoration

Family room is a main place in a house. Family room is the key to harmony.
That's where the family devotes everything, from happiness, bright ideas, family plans, remembering happy moments, telling grief, and giving each other advice and motivation in struggling. So, we cannot underestimate this one thing, because starting from design to the smallest decoration will give an atmosphere that unites the family.

Part 02 _ The Great Color Combination

A variety of themes will increasingly show their fangs, increasingly show their patterns, and increasingly clarify
feeling inside with a good color combination. We do not deny that on the other hand, colors will be very
turn on the theme, but on the other hand looking for the right combination is very difficult, even many of them
who tries very hard just to get the best combination that matches that theme.

Before going into color combinations, we must understand the meaning of the color, only then will we explore color combination.
here is the link ( related to the color and meaning.

Now we will discuss how to make a color combination that will shake the hearts of anyone who sees it.
For that we will discuss it in two sub-chapters, first about understanding warm colors and cool colors, the second is the question of harmonious color combinations.

1. Warm and cool colors

Keep in mind the colors included in the warm color category include orange, red, yellow, and a combination of the three. These colors tend to make you think about sunlight and warmth. The warm color category has the ability to make large rooms feel warmer.

Whereas those included in the cool color category include blue, green and light purple. These colors have the ability to calm down. If warm colors remind us of sunlight and heat, the cold colors are reminiscent of water and sky. This cool color category has the ability to make small-sized rooms look bigger. So, if you have a minimalist room, you can use light blue so that the room looks spacious.

2. For the color combination of colors, we will describe it in 6 color blend techniques

a. Complementary Colors (Complementary Colors)
From the color wheel above we can already imagine that the position of each color is definitely not possible to change. If there is one above, then there must be an opposite alias below it. This is what is meant by complementary colors, namely colors that are located opposite each other on the color wheel.

b. Divided Complementary Colors (Split Complementary Colors)
If complementary colors only use 2 colors that are located one opposite of the other, then complementary colors are divided similarly to that except that it uses 3 colors. Take one of the desired colors, and use 2 colors that are located side by side with the corresponding color of the corresponding color.

c. Analog Color (Analogous Colors)
Often also referred to as matching colors, analog colors are 3 colors that are located next to each other. For example let's say you choose yellow, then the next 2 colors that will be used in analog colors are yellow-green and yellow-orange.

d. Triadic Colors (Triadic Colors)
Triadic color scheme is a color scheme that uses 3 colors resembling a regular triangle. So if you choose 1 primary color then you will automatically get 2 other primary colors which when viewed form the position is like a triangle.

e. Square Color (Square Colors)
The square color scheme uses 4 colors that resemble regular square shapes aka square. In the basic color wheel, a square color can be formed by selecting 1 color then taking 1 color again after passing 2 colors and doing it again 2 times, so you will get 4 colors whose position forms a square.

f. Tetradic Colors (Tetradic Colors)
As triadik uses the word tri to symbolize 3, Tetra represents 4. The tetradic color scheme is obtained by combining 2 pairs of complementary colors. Choose 2 colors and then take the complementary colors from the two selected colors and you will get the tetradic color. Square colors fall into this category.

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Part 01 _ 11 Most popular interior design styles

This time we will discuss the styles in interior design that are often used by designers.
As we have explained before, that interior design is private, can be about personality,
or mood or other factors.
In each style or style it will depend on several things:
1. Themes
2. Color
3. Arrangement or position setting

in the first part, we will discuss some types of themes in the interior both in general or specifically
in each room.

Some examples of themes in interior design:
1. Asian or oriental style
Asia or the oriental is more sticky or very sticky mentioning for 3 countries in East Asia, namely Japan, Korea and China.

Each country has its own characteristics even though it is undeniable that it has similarities on several sides, remembering

these three countries are both Austronesian language families.

Japanese-style interior design focuses on balance and harmony with nature, made minimalist with

put forward simplicity. So, the Japanese-style interior looks very distinctive and has character. This one design

reveals its distinctiveness in the use of consistent material and its very simple forms, which one

usually using a variety of floor levels, looking at the angle and contrast between open space and a comfortable angle

still prioritizing the privacy of the owner.

The basic concept of interior design in Korean homes is also basically almost the same as Japan but a striking difference

is a much more modern furniture design even though the interior concept is still minimalist.

The Chinese style interior concept is often also referred to as feng shui style architecture dominated by interiror design with

white, red, black and gold. And the wall decoration elements are given images of dragons, lotus flowers and

Chinese gods of trust. No less important are red lanterns, which usually also go wrong

a mandatory decoration element in the Chinese style interior

2. Indian Style

When speaking of India, surely the one who has the most thought in our mind is a long-duration film with songs and dances.

Besides that, we also think about spices that are thick in their cooking. This makes us familiar

again with Indian interior design.
With spice-inspired colors, polished concrete floors or tile floors, marble and granite

often found there. The decoration is still thick with their religious nuances, such as statues of gods, combined

with solid, carved wood furniture.

3. Arabic Style

Countries in the Middle East, desert countries are usually colored with carved ornaments, silk fabrics, with accents

very noticeable on sofa cushions, the use of Persian carpets and unique lighting shades. I personally see

as if it was glowing yellowish.

4. Classic Style (minimalist, contemporary, traditional)

5. Middle Ages Style

The mid-century interior style is based on many factors, usually this design displays a line of clean, organic curves

soft, and certainly not forgetting the minimalist concept.

Modern mid-century style interior design emphasizes the pared-down form; contemporary patterns, natural ingredients and flow

smooth between indoor and outdoor spaces, resulting in functional space comfort with a chic appearance. Design

This interior looks more beautiful with the use of clean, layered furniture, with smooth curves and shapes


The use of wood is also deliberately designed in mid-century design to provide balance; between various innovations

new and high-tech, with classic models that give birth to a space atmosphere that is in line with the modern lifestyle.

6. American Style Style

Americans always have the character of building a house with glass divided into 3 symmetrical, with their design style

assume that the light entering the house can be emitted well.
Therefore, the impression of an American house looks brighter than inside. For roof decoration, generally using a triangle

double. The American design is also identical to the texture of brown, white, and black-gray wood.

7. Latin American Style

Mexico is often called Latin American. This country offers a lot of uniqueness and beauty, including design

the architecture. Mexican-style interior design is certainly quite rare in Indonesia.

Mexican style design can be applied to a room in full or only used as an additional decoration.

However, high creativity needs to be applied to this design into your home.

Before you apply a typical Mexican design, you should first prepare some very identical or typical furniture

with Mexico.

8. European Style
9. Norwegian Style
10. Casual Style
11. Indonesia Style

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